The beats

The Beats

Beat ONE comprises of the House, Willows, Couperee and Wood Pools.

Beat TWO encompasses Upper Cairnty, Lower Cairnty, Arns, Island Point, Island Stream, Wee and New Pools.

  • The fishing season on the River Spey commences on February 11th and closes on September 30th.
  • Fishing hours are 0900hrs to 1700hrs Monday through to Saturday.
  • Fishers can arrange to fish outside these hours in advance with the Head Ghillie.
  • The service of one Ghillie is provided for every three rods.
  • The Orton Water stretches for just less than two miles and fishing is from both banks, wading, or from one of four boats.
  • Waders can be hired, as can all other equipment.
  • As game fishing in Scotland is not permitted on a Sunday, our weekly fishing lets run from Monday morning through to Saturday evening, with accommodation running from Sunday evening of arrival until Sunday morning of departure.