Your attention is drawn to the following CONDITIONS OF LET relating to Day Rod Salmon Fishing at Orton Estate:

The service provided consists of Fishing for salmon, grilse, seat trout and brown trout on the following pools on the Orton Water of the River Spey as detailed below:

Upper Orton consists of the following pools: - House, Glide, Willows, Couperee and Upper Cairnty.

Lower Orton consists of the following pools: - Lower Cairnty, Arns, Island Point, Island Stream, Wee New, Twenty Pound, Junction and Turn Pools.

2. The water is divided into Beat One – Upper Orton and, Beat Two - Lower Orton.

3. The Day runs from 09:00 hours until not later than 1700 hours on the same day. Fishing after 1700 may sometimes be allowed at the Ghillie’s discretion on the day, but boats may not then be used, and rods may then only fish in pools specified by the Ghillie.

4. Room for a “house” rod is reserved on each of the Beats.

5. A Ghillie will be present between the hours of 09:00 and 1700, unless this is impossible to arrange for reasons beyond our control.

6. When there are less than 6 Day Rods present, the Ghillies may carry out maintenance on the banks unless personal Ghillie service has been requested and is available, for which additional payment will be due.

7. Day Rods will be advised by the Ghillie which pools they are to fish and for how long.

8. Boats are provided for the Lessees’ use but for safety purposes they should be handled by the Ghillie unless expressly permitted by the Head Ghillie to be used independently at the Lessee’s risk or at the risk of or other members of his or her party. Each boat must be kept in its
respective pool and properly secured. Each must be locked at the end of each day.

9. All salmon and sea trout caught must be reported to the Head Ghillie. In order to protect the integrity of the Spey stock and to maximise their spawning potential, we encourage Fishers to follow the recommendation of the Spey District Fishery Board that all fish caught up to May 31 st,
and all hen fish throughout the season, voluntarily be released alive. The method of fishing must be by “fly only” and hooks should be “pinched” (or barbless) for this purpose. Fishing with prawn, shrimp or worm is prohibited and spinning is prohibited. Please also see details of the
Spey Fishery Board catch and release advice.

10. Fishing with prawn, shrimp or worm is prohibited and spinning is prohibited when the river is below 6 on the gauge.

11. The proprietor SHALL NOT BE LIABLE for accident, theft or other damages incurred by the Lessee and or guests.

12. It is recommended that life preservers or life jackets are worn at all times while fishing the Orton Water beats.  Please note that Orton Estate do supply life preservers and that these should be worn by you.  You may, if you prefer, bring and wear your own life preserver which will be acceptable.

13. The Day Rod shall be the person completing the online booking form and shall be the person fishing.  Sub-Letting is prohibited unless specifically agreed in advance by the Proprietor in writing.

14. VAT, where applicable, shall be paid at the rate pertaining at the time of payment.

15. If cancelled by the Proprietor at short notice, then all monies received shall be refunded. There shall be no further claim upon the Proprietor.

16. Liability Disclaimer. The Estate hereby disclaims any liability or responsibility arising from the misuse of any piece of equipment provided by the Estate including any inappropriate or improper use of information provided. The Estate shall not be liable for accident, theft or other damages incurred by the Lessee and his or her guests. Fishers are advised to wear lifebelts and a supply of lifebelts is maintained for those who do not possess one. The Lessee shall be liable for any damage caused to furniture and furnishings incurred by the Lessee and his or her guests or pets.

17. Acceptance of any offer of fishing and /or accommodation shall automatically constitute full acceptance of the above disclaimer of liability. Lessees are advised to take out their own Liability Cover.

18. Without prejudice to any right which you may have to claim against the Estate by entering into this contract, you undertake not to sue any individual employee or agent of the Estate for anything connected with any action you may wish to take.

19. None of the preceding paragraphs will operate to exclude or restrict any liability which the Estate may have for death or personal injury resulting from negligence.